Local German Culture: Besenwirtschaften

If you are looking to have an authentic German cultural experience then dropping in for a meal at the local Besenwirtschaften (otherwise known as a Besen) is definitely one of the best ways to do it. Not only do you get to taste the wine made on site but you also get to eat traditional Swabian food and mingle with the locals seated on your table. There is such little information found on the internet about Besens in the English language that I don’t see how a tourist could even find out about one unless they sought after specific wine tours in the region. It is something so local that only Germans who know friends or relatives living in the Baden-Württemberg state actually KNOW about these short-term restaurants and what fun they are to be in. (more…)

Tried & Tested Recipes: Taco Sandwiches

Taco SandwichI find eating the same flavours every day boring boring boring and am always looking for new recipes to enjoy. I hope to post in this blog recipes that I have tried and tested in my kitchen which are easy to prepare yet good for the soul after a long day at school/work. A delicious dinner always makes me happy anyway!

This recipe was inspired by the contents of my fridge. I accidentally bought sour cream thinking it was full cream (the entire dairy section in Germany is packaged in the same containers!) and a couple of spare avocados I bought on a whim.  Mince meat is also very cheap here, no more than 3 euros for 500 grams so together with the home-made bread I had, the meal cost me less than a tenner making it a very budget friendly meal indeed. These home-made tacos are so easy to prepare yet oh so delicious for anyone who misses Mexican food which is sadly not easily found in Germany. It’s also a lot healthier than the box versions. I find that the older I get, the less my stomach can handle in the way of processed food.


Raw Milk: Why I Have Made the Change

Milch Tankstelle SignSpring has arrived! On time too I might add which is very German indeed. To take advantage of the glorious sunshine, the German took me on a little walking tour (still bundled up in our winter coats I might add) of his neighbourhood.

Something I noticed early on about Germany was it’s differing landscapes all within a few kilometres of each other. In Australia, we have the centre of the city and then surrounding each city usually comes suburbia… and then nothing but desert until you reach the next city and it’s surrounding residential area. In Germany there is usually a large central city and then a ring of smaller towns surrounding the city. In between these smaller towns there is always gorgeous grassland/farmland/forest or wineries to look at. I always comment on how green Germany is in comparision to the Aussie outback!


Stuttgart Restaurant Review: Kikuya

Kikuya is one of my favourite restaurants in Stuttgart. I have been there a few times and the food is always fresh and tasty with a multitude of flavours for the palate. For whatever reason I cannot make sushi (think soggy rice and sloppy hand rolls) and of course it happens to be one of those dishes I always crave for so off we went, my German and I for Date Night.

Kikuya InteriorIt was close to full capacity as we walked in just before 8 pm on a Friday night but I had made a reservation earlier that day by phone so we were seated quickly on the communal table. I love the seating arrangements here because it’s homey and as stated on their website, it’s in traditional Japanese style. You are expected to take your shoes off and sit your booty down on the cushions provided so your legs are still under the table but hidden from view. There is also seats at the bar available if you are no mood to go shoeless or want to be in view of the sushi chefs doing their thing behind the bar.


That F Word

Just MeI openly admit that I use the F word a lot. Think about it. The word is just so versatile. You can use it as an adjective such as “fuck yeah”, a noun “fucker!” (a personal favourite of mine), a verb “you fucked up” or even when you cut your finger open with the kitchen knife “fuck!” which seems to be the most common case with me.

As some of you know, I quit my well-paying but stressful job in Australia about 18 months ago to travel the world and since then I have been a nomad. I have lived in Paris and Berlin, backpacked my way through Spain and Portugal, worked as an Au Pair in Tuscany and explored the stunning beaches in Ibiza and Mykonos. It has recently come to my attention that I have needed a different F word and one more important at that.